Monthly Items

The items on this page are limited time offers for the current month only, so take advantage and grab them while they're here!!

Alpaca Sticky Notes

Cutest sticky note design EVER !

Price: 500 yen
Size(package): 15.3×5.2×.3cm
Etc: 15 sheets x 8 alpacas

Alopaca Pouch

Super cute way to store smaller items~

Price: 1000 yen
Size: 11.5x8x4cm
Colors: Pink, Blue

Alpaca Blanket

Stay warm and cozy with this cute alpaca print blanket ~

Price: 2000 yen
Size: 75x150cm
Etc: Has a button, so can be a cape, bolero, or skirt as well. Also has a pocket to insert a hand warmer~