Friday, September 30, 2011

October Updates

Hellloooo all you beautiful people!! And surprise, because I'm making the October updates a day early since I won't be home tomorrow ;) LOTS of new goodies added and things are more organized around the shop, so here's an overview:


Since the schedule for September was a bit confusing, I've changed it to a more regular schedule. I'll be ordering packages at LEAST once a week + shipping them out at LEAST once a week. This will help speed up the delivery process and prevent items from selling out before I can order them ;)


It was really fun to do the shop opening specials for the SAL shipping + keychains, but since that promotion has ended, here are the updated requirements:

FREE SAL SHIPPING: available when you spend more than 5,000 yen

FREE ALPACA KEYCHAIN: available when you spend more than 7,500 yen


I know this is what you all have been waiting for, so enjoy - I added SIX NEW PLUSH ITEMS !!! They're super cute and fluffy and awesome :D Back by demand are LACE ALPACAS and new MACAROON ALPACAS ~!! I know you all were requesting larger ones, so I've added alpacas that are 16cm. I'm thinking of adding larger ones later (35~45cm), but the problem for now is shipping, as everything that size would require EMS shipping, which is fast but at least 3500 yen per package :X


It has been SO MUCH FUN getting to serve you guys so far, and I can't believe this site already has over 8,000 hits and 200 fans. I hope I can continue bringing alpaca love to fans worldwide, and if you have any suggestions on how to make my service better, contact me anytime on facebook, the chat box, or email ^^


I'm wanting to start doing some shop contests with prizes being OF COURSE alpaca goodies~! So far all I can think of would be art or random drawings, so if you all have any ideas PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! I wanna reward you guys for being such awesome customers ;)