Monday, October 17, 2011

November Item Choices

Hi all~~

I know November is still two weeks away, but I've been finding SO many cute alpaca items, it's too hard to choose which ones to add to the shop ><;; And based on the facebook shop poll, a lot of you are interested in cute alpaca items even if they're not specifically the arpakasso brand. SO, I'd like your help in deciding what I add here next. Here's how you can:

1. Go to the Arpakasso Facebook Page & join if you haven't yet~

2. Look at the November Item Choices album.

3. Click LIKE on the items you'd like to see added.

I'll look at the items at the end of the month and choose the ones with the most "likes" to add to the shop ;) These items will be in ADDITION to the arpakasso brand items I add~~

Happy voting!!