Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Items Added!

Hello and happy November!! It's the beginning of the month, so time again for some announcements and NEW ITEMS!!


Based on the results of the facebook poll in October, I've added the TOP THREE most liked items to the shop!! So you can now order:
  • The Alpaca Blanket
  • The Alopaca Pouch
  • Alpaca Sticky Notes

    Go to the Monthly Items page now!!
    And as the name implies, these items will ONLY be available for the month of November, so get them while they're here ;)


    Since I've been receiving a lot of the same questions via email lately, I've decided to add a FAQ page to the shop. It covers the basics of this store, so if you have questions about anything, refer there before asking me~~


    As always MORE NEW ITEMS!!! I found some SUPER cute ones, so I think you guess will really enjoy them <3

  • NEW PLUSHES: Baby Party alpacas, Jewel Deco alpacas
  • NEW ACCESSORIES: Baby Alpaca Pouches
  • RESTOCKED: Cellphone Cleaners, Cellphone Pouches <- I found a new store that sells these two items, so get them before they sell out again!